The Art Of Being Banksy

by ajonskestudio

The Oscar. The most prestigious award to be won in the film industry. The week before The Oscars is always a week of people talking about who is hosting, who will be there, who will be presenting, who will be seen with who, what people will be wearing, how much bling they will flash, how the acceptance speeches will go, who will be sitting where, who will win the best actress and actor awards as well as the top film award. But this year, there was one more question added to the thoughts and mouths of loyal and not so loyal film followers…

Will the British street artist Banksy make an appearance and acceptance speech if ‘Exit Through The Gift Shop’ wins in the Best Documentary Feature category or will he have someone from his camp accept for him? Or better yet, will Banksy wear his infamous monkey mask even though the Academy vetoed his request to be able to show up in disguise (which I did not like but I won’t even go there)? I know I was on the edge of my seat and from the comments on various social media websites, I was not the only one!

I love it how a visual artist who is not a part of the film industry, especially one such as Banksy, being almost as nontraditional as the ‘traditional’ people probably think one can get, was a part of all the Oscar jive talk in one of Hollywoods largest weeks. Just having a visual artist up for an Oscar alone is an amazing feat, but the talk and fascination was the icing on this big cake!

Sunday night rolls around, the carpet is as red as ever, lights and smiles flashing, glamour and radiance on every corner, the hype is up, and even Twitter was keeping their eye out for this ‘secretive’ artist, according to AOL News.

So, even though I was a tad bit bored as I was watching the, at times, awkward speeches and lack of entertainment by this years hosts, Anne Hathaway and James Franco, waiting for the announcement for Best Documentary Feature category kept my attention. Then the moment came. And it went as quickly as it came. So…no Oscar for Banksy this year. Will we even ever know if he was there or not? I guess time will tell.

However, all of this buzz seems to have been a great marketing campaign for this already well known artist. People who have never heard of him before now, have been educated at least a bit. Banksy might not have walked away with an Oscar, but he definitely is not leaving this experience empty handed. Already records are showing the prices of his work has increased since his nomination was announced, which really is not surprising. According to The Australian, “Sotheby’s in London sold Banksy’s Heavy Weaponry, an image of an elephant with a rocket on its back, for pounds 82,250 last week after giving it an upper estimate of pounds 18,000.

Congratulations Banksy on your nomination and your payroll!


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